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Why Self-Help Content Sucks

I have always been a person who loved anything self-help related. The self-help bug first bit me when I discovered the pick-up artist community in 2012. I had found a treasure chest of tools and tactics to attract and seduce hot chicks. For around 2 years I consumed all that I could. The blogs and videos were like a drug to me. In my head, I was a seduction god, Yet, I wasn’t out in the field actually approaching women. Long story short I didn’t get laid. Once the high of reading the PUA content wore off, I lost motivation, and I needed more of the “drug” to get excited again.

help content can give you. The only true self-help in life is purposeful action.self-help books. My wish is for you to all put what you learn into action and not get lost in the “high” that self-provide great ideas, but your life won’t change unless you ACT. I’m not saying to completely quit reading harmful because the content creates great feelings in some that are often short-lived. These books and videos There are many schools of thought when it comes to self-help that you can get lost in. Self-help can be

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