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There Is Never A "Perfect" Time To Start

Merriam Webster's dictionary defines "Perfect" as corresponding to an ideal standard. Quite often, we wait for the perfect opportunity to do things. We want to go outside for a picnic, but the weather isn't perfect. Or you are that guy who is waiting for the "perfect" moment to approach that attractive young woman in the bar. The idea of waiting for a "perfect" moment to take a step towards a goal could set you back more than you may think. In fact, it could keep you from acting at all.

I first learned this lesson when I decided that I wanted to get in shape a couple of years ago. I enjoyed watching workout videos on YouTube for motivation. Also, I was that person that announced all my fitness goals on social media. I was looking for virtual high-fives. But, when it came time to workout, I created a million excuses to skip the gym. Thunderstorm? No gym. No clean shorts? No gym. No person, to go with me? Yes, you guessed it, NO GYM. The stars had to align for me to follow through. My mindset changed once I stumbled across a Gary Vaynerchuk video on Facebook. He discussed the harmful effects of procrastination caused by waiting for perfect timing. His words cut me deep. I felt as if he made that video especially for me. After that, I made it a priority to make it to the gym no matter what happened that day. I pushed myself to go to the gym through rain, sleet, snow, not having a car, sickness and a host of other obstacles. Today I am in the best shape of my life, and it all started with STARTING.

Many of us strive to find the perfect time to execute something due to a fear of failure. There is no such thing as the "perfect" time to do anything, act today and fix things along the way. If you want to see this idea in action, watch small children. If a child wants to swim, he or she will jump in the water and swim. All the technical things with swimming are not going thru a child mind. But, as we age, we lose a bit of that fearlessness due to life experiences. Our thoughts race through all scenarios that could play out before we start new things. I implore you to get out of your head and as Nike says, "Just do it." Move to that new city. Start that youtube channel. Finish that book that you have been saying you were going to write. Slow motion is better than no motion!

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