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The Reason Why Your Friends And Family Want You To Lose

Like most people, you have things you want to accomplish in life. Possibly you want to become a basketball player, a music producer or a comedian. Many of us look to our loved ones for support and inspiration. A harsh reality is that often some of them are not as supportive as we would like them to be when we share our goals. One reason behind this is that your friends and family are comfortable with the person that you are today. Your evolution is potentially threatening because it may highlight their own lack of accomplishments.

For example, let's say you have a group of friends that love to binge drink on weekends. You may have had this routine for eons then you decide you're sick of it and you tell them you plan to quit. They may say things like "MAN STOP LYING!" or "BRO IT'S ONE DRINK IT'S NOT GONNA TO KILL YOU!" Fast forward 6 months, and you're still sticking to your no booze plan! Good Job! That win has also pushed you to start a business and get a gym membership while your friends do the same old crap. Now you hear things like "Man you've changed" or "you're acting weird."

As long as you are the same as everyone else, then you pose no threat. The moment you decide to upgrade yourself you may face some opposition. As stated, your friends and family are comfortable with the way you are today. The current "you" is predictable and straightforward for your loved ones to deal with. Today you may drive a crappy car to a crappy job and when you clock out of your crappy job you go home to a crappy apartment. Or you don't have an apartment at all! You becoming a multi-millionaire might be an unexpected shock for those close to you. Accept the fact that not everyone will praise your evolution. Surround yourself with those who WILL support and motivate you. Go out there and win!

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