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The Top 4 Ad-lib Rappers Of All Time

The ad-lib has been a crucial element of Hip-Hop songs for decades. They add unique emphasis to specific lines, so they come across harder to the listener. Most rappers use ad-libs in their music, but some do it way better than the rest of the pack. Here are my top 4 rappers who should teach a college course on ad-libs.

4. Oj Da Juiceman

The other day I was listening to his debut album "On Otha of Da Trap" at the gym. OJ's "AYE!" ad-lib perfectly supports every line he spits. His ad-lib is enough to compliment the bar, but it is not overbearing or annoying. To be honest, his ad-libs might have been the main thing that took him to the top due to their unique nature. His music wouldn't have been as memorable without the "AYE!". That word served as an audio signature for him. A classic example of his work is a quintessential trap classic entitled "Make Tha Trap Say Aye." Take a listen.

3. Young Dolph

Young Dolph epitomizes the idea of talking slick on a record. He talks trash not only in his bars, but he also does so via ad-libs. Dolph has full conversations with himself in the background, but it works! One of his most memorable examples of ad-lib magic was a song called "pulled up" ft 2 Chainz.

2. Gucci Mane

Whether you call him Trap God, Radric Davis, Gucci or whatever, you can't leave him out of this discussion. When I was in high school, kids would yell "Its Gucci!" and "Burr!" in the hallways daily for no reason. Throughout his career, Gucci had an amazing understanding of where ad-libs worked best. Some of his best work exists in his 2009 hit song "Lemonade." No one else could've made such a dull word sound so epic.

1. Young Jeezy

Jeezy is the undisputed king of ad-libs. Please do not debate me on this. His "YEAHHHHH" AND "THAT'S RIGHT" was so legendary that Kanye West sampled his voice and made a hit out of it. Jeezy's ad-libs are like a congregation agreeing with a pastor during a Sunday morning sermon. Take a listen to "Soul Survivor" Featuring Akon to relive some of his most classic work.

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