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Does Linkedin Have You Depressed? Read This

Are you underemployed or unemployed? Does it feel like everyone in your network is racing past you? I've felt like this on many occasions. Often I got this sinking feeling whenever I got on Linkedin to update my profile. As I scrolled through my connections, I saw endless classmates who quickly found great, high paying jobs. I went from a chipper mood to the gutter with a click of a mouse. I would beat myself up because I felt like my career wasn't developing as fast as my peers. Instagram and Facebook can make you feel even worse! You might see some of those same folks posting photos of new cars and houses and ask yourself, What am I doing wrong? Why are these people winning while I'm stuck in a depressing place?

My answer? It is not your turn yet. You can't compare someone else's highlight reel with your behind the scenes footage. Your colleague with the high salary had their own challenges, and they overcame them. It may take you a little longer to develop, and that's perfectly fine. Keep improving your skills until the time comes to showcase them. Strive to learn lessons from uncomfortable experiences that you encounter during your come-up. For example, Think of that crappy low paying job as master classes in humility and budgeting. Working low paying jobs taught me to focus on needs vs. wants. It also showed me that I'm never too good to work a particular job. I learned to always respect everyone on all levels of an organization from CEOs to janitors. Everyone develops at different paces. Stay hopeful, stay inspired and trust the process.

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