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Never Overlook People

Many of us have been to networking events and mixers. These events usually bring out a diverse group of attendees ranging from influencers to people that are new to a field. Often there are a couple of "interesting" people in the room that everyone is scrambling to chat with. Its fine to chat with the influencers but don't ignore those aren't as social or known in the room. Some may assume that a person unimportant due to attire, behavior or association. Treat everyone like an "influencer."

I learned this lesson during my travels to New York City over the past year. I've been to tons mixers and other events related to marketing and media. I found that you never know who is who in the room. The guy in the corner with Jordan sandals and gym shorts could be a venture capitalist. The girl at the bar with matted hair could be a world-renowned fashion blogger. If you are in a room with 50 people, remember that 50 different stories got those people in that space. Be open to learning as many of those stories as you can. Be friendly to the support staff at the event also. This includes the servers, bartenders, and other staff members at the event space. These people could be well connected even though it may not seem like it. The bartender you insulted for getting your order wrong might be a close acquaintance of the influencer that you want to meet. Keep an open mind and treat everyone like a VIP.

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