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Dear Advertisers: No More Crazy Long Ads Please!

Like many, I browse YouTube on a daily basis. My searches range from fast food reviews to episodes of Arthur. I am a marketer, and I understand that YouTube is a powerful marketing tool. But, there is a difference between using it efficiently and being plain annoying. As I was binging on food review videos the other day, I saw ads that were longer than 3 minutes! One ad was 38 minutes, and I couldn't skip it! Advertisers need to remember that attention spans are already low. Your average user isn't going to watch a random 30-minute advertisement over a cute cat video. IPG reported that 65% of users skip pre-roll ads immediately. For many including myself, skipping ads becomes an automatic behavior like breathing.

A un-skippable 38-minute ad is like an unknown rapper performing a 2 hours set before Jay-Z hits the stage. No one cares about that guy's music! Keep it short and get the off the stage. Ads should not exceed 10-15 seconds to lessen the likelihood of someone hitting skip. I also believe that companies should continue forging partnerships with content creators. I am more receptive to a product that is already integrated into a video and promoted by someone I value. A great example of this Aaron Marino and his channel dedicated to men's style. He showcases products related to men's fashion and grooming. He weaves product plugs into his videos, and it is beautifully executed. I have explored many of these bands after his recommendations. Check out his channel here. Brands, Please respect YouTube users and their time. Keep your feature film length ads to yourself.

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