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If You Think Dating Apps Are For Finding "Friends" Think Again!

A little while ago, I was swiping through hoards of ladies on Tinder when a young woman's profile caught my attention. The bio said the following:

"I am in a committed relationship just STRICTLY looking for a male friend. I don't vibe with females that well lol."

When I read this, I sipped my Fiji water in slow motion while giving my iPhone the most savage side-eye in history. I was speechless! Now lets reference part of the description of what Tinder is from the good folks over at the app store:

"Swipe. Match. Chat. Date. Tindering is easy and fun..."

People are free to use the app for whatever they want, but the main word that sticks out to me in the description is "DATE." Tinder is a place for hooking up! Not for finding your next best friend for getting pumpkin spiced lattes. Some women sign up for these services with rather strange expectations. I have even heard some women say they joined a dating app for career networking! (as if LinkedIn doesn't exist) Is Elon Musk on the app waiting for you to swipe right so he can give you a six-figure job? I highly doubt it. As a heterosexual male, whenever I see a woman on a dating app I assume she joined to find long-term dating prospects or to hook-up! It's fine to state that you don't want to hook up but the idea of looking for male "friends" on Tinder is laughable at best. Most men are looking for sex on dating apps. If you don't believe me, get on Tinder right now and ask 10 guys if they would sleep with you and let me know their responses.

Also, the idea that this woman is looking for a "male friend" despite being in a "committed relationship" is fishy. I am willing to five bucks that her romantic partner does NOT know about this dating profile But, that is a discussion for another day ☕️🐸. I wish nothing but the best for this young woman, and hopefully, she finds that plutonic male friend that she wants.


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